“Healing is a process of “re-membering” oneself as wholeness.” – Amitice


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At Limitless-U, your journey is at the heart of our mission. Whether you’re an individual seeking transformation, an organization aiming for peak wellness, or on the hunt for transformative workshops, we’re here as your guiding compass. And for the dedicated well-being professionals – yoga therapists, psychotherapists, coaches, and beyond – we offer specialized trainings to deepen your expertise and expand your toolkit. With Limitless-U, every session is more than just a service; it’s an opportunity, a pathway to growth. Here, you don’t just find a service, you discover a partnership for potential. Welcome to Limitless-U, where aspirations become attainable realities.

At Limitless-U, we understand that every journey to well-being and personal growth is unique. Whether you’re an individual striving for balance, a well-being professional aiming to elevate your skills, or seeking enriching workshops and programs for holistic development, we’re here to guide and support. We craft tailored experiences that resonate with each unique path, ensuring that you’re not just a passive participant but an active architect of your own story. Dive into a world where every interaction, every insight is an opportunity for growth. Welcome to Limitless-U, where your potential meets our purpose.

Limitless-U is committed not only to serving the individual, but additionally organizations, and facilitating workshops. In addition, Limitless-U provides an arrange of training offerings for Well Being Professionals that are seeking to enhance their toolbox of offerings in working with clients. Whether you are a yoga therapist, psychotherapist, or a coach you can find training that widens the array of knowledge and ways you can.

What Our Clients Are Saying

“As a business owner in the hotel industry, I saw an opportunity to help my struggling management staff with coaching. I couldn’t have been more pleased with the results. The hotel industry, like many industries, has struggled with high levels of stress in the workplace since 2020. Lisa was able to create a 10 week program that gave my managers tools to empower personal breakthroughs and growth. My management team is now functioning at a higher level, dealing with the stressors of work better and are back to enjoying leading their staff. I am grateful for the expertise and experience my team had with Lisa’s coaching. I would absolutely recommend Limitless-Us’ corporate coaching services!”  Mary Weilert, Choice Hotels

“I am a therapist who has had the pleasure of working with Lisa for several sessions, and noticed a huge difference in my overall mood and behavior. I felt stuck in traditional talk therapy, and Lisa’s methods helped connect me to my body and process emotions that felt like they had been stuck for years. She incorporates a diverse background of education and trainings and takes an active and goal-oriented approach. I would definitely recommend Lisa to anyone who is looking to make changes and going through a life transition.” Caitlin LMFT 

” Lisa is one of the brightest stars in the sky. She is genuine, kind, brilliant, funny and one of the best coaches I have come across. It isn’t everyday that you come across someone that is both honest and compassionate, but she’s somehow figured out how to do it! I simply could not recommend her enough.”  Cassandra Seidler LCSW 

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“Lisa has completely changed my perspective on healing and therapy. Through integrating my spirituality into her therapy, she has provided me effective tools I can implement into my day to day life. She creates a safe container through her compassionate communication and active listening. Lisa’s therapeutic approach has by far been the most impactful in my own healing process, bettering my relationships, daily habits and inner dialogue. I am so grateful to have found Lisa, providing the specific care that has greatly transformed my life.” Selina 

“I have taken multiple workshops and classes with Lisa Saremi and will continue to take them. The course work has helped me tremendously and the knowledge I have gained has allowed me to find inner peace, and direction. Although there is extensive background knowledge,, Lisa communicates in a way that is easy to follow and understand during the sessions which is helpful to process the information. I recommend signing up and working with Lisa when you chance.” Shanda 

“After my first two sessions, I realized Lisa was the best investment I made. Lisa has tremendous insight and awareness . She gives me much to process that has helped my self-awareness tremendously. She is so easy, safe to talk with. She gets to the root.. I highly recommend Lisa in fact I have send my whole family to her when they are in need of support. ”  Crystal Bergman 

“Lisa is a healer! She is wholeheartedly dedicated to her craft and she has an intrinsic ability to guide people back to their authentic selves through her expertise and holistic approaches. While she has the professional training and skills, she also has the heart and soul to guide you on your journey! ” Poppy Peluce-Fune, LCSW

“One Definition of testimonial is “and expression of appreciation.” Lisa is the epitome of this definition because I can’t begin to express my appreciation for her being herself meaning one who is caring, offering, giving, compassionate, experienced, passionate and pure love. I appreciate her for all that she is, what she has given me in my life and continues to amaze me. I have witnessed through stories shared the profound impact she supports people in making in their lives through individual work and educational opportunities. Additionally how she has supported organizations and their teams in finding more cohesion and transformation in their organizations.! ” Marty

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“If you’re struggling in any area of your life: career, relationships, finances or simply at a crossroads; Limitless-U and  Lisa Saremi can help you navigate your way through. She has spent many years studying, investing and integrating many modalities to hone her unique offerings. Her compassionate and thoughtful approach to each individual is 💯 what helped me through one of the darkest periods in my life. Lisa will provide you with the tools you need to not only move through but move forward with strength and clarity. I highly recommend!!! ” Debbie

“The passion behind Limitless-U and the dedication to elevate all of humankind is what sets Lisa apart. Her sincerity and desire to bring about transformation brings an authentic aspect to coaching and yoga therapy. It’s no wonder the mascot of Limitless-U is a butterfly! Lisa is committed to the growth of her clients, whether individual or part of an executive team. Her workshops are professional and engaging, suitable for even beginner yoga enthusiasts (and yoga instructors!). It is a pleasure to work with Lisa. ” Tiffany K., MBA

“My daughter was struggling as she was facing some big life changes. A new marriage, pregnancy, move, and struggling to navigating these transitions. I set her up to work with Lisa and through that process she got fully empowered to listen to her deepest and adapt and shift in ways that supported her through that process. I am grateful for the guidance Lisa was able to provide during a time that being a mom was challenging to provide her. ” Crystal Crowe

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“I met Lisa about 9 years ago. At that time in my life, I was broken and lost. I was still fairly new in sobriety and was also a new mom. I was determined to continue to better my life for my daughter and my husband. I leaned to yoga because I know, for me, it feeds the soul on a deeper level. I found myself in Lisa’s class one day and I was instantly drawn to her. She is magnetic. She has a light and a warmth to her that is so hard to come by these days. Her spirit and energy is absolutely captivating. I admired her and the way she spoke and carried herself. Lisa welcomed me with open arms and always offered an ear to listen. I wanted to learn, so badly,  everything that she knew. I went to her classes regularly and took her wisdom with me off my mat and into my personal life. I was blessed to have an opportunity to work with her outside of yoga and it has left a mark on me and in my heart. I still use the tools she taught me during those sessions and now I get to share them with my daughter. She became one of my biggest teachers and role models. She gave me the confidence to follow my own dream in becoming a yoga teacher. Lisa has never stopped loving me or supporting me, no matter how much time passes between us. She is an absolute light in this world, she truly is one of a kind. This written testimony of my own experience does no justice to how my heart truly feels. There are not enough words to express my gratitude for Lisa and the impact she had on me.” Riane