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Healing is a process of “re-membering” oneself as wholeness.”

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Amitice Lisa Saremi
LMFT# 141108

Amitice doesn’t just guide through principles; she reflects them, offering a harmonious blend of her transformative journey and extensive clinical acumen. Her approach is more than just therapy—it’s a testament to transformative power and holistic healing.

🌿 Depth Psychology: A Profound Dive 🌿
Delve into the unexplored terrains of the mind to unearth the roots of your struggles, patterns, and wounds.

This deep exploration and commitment to healing resonate with Amitice and fuel her passion to understand the hidden layers of the human psyche, addressing challenges at their very core.

🌿 A Unique Pathway to Healing 🌿
As a Certified International Association of Yoga Therapists (C-IAYT) and experienced psychotherapist, Amitice weaves a distinctive, integrative approach to healing. Drawing on her personal victory over addiction, coupled with extensive experience in addressing developmental trauma, past traumatic experiences, and grief, she offers a beacon of transformative power.

🌿 Multi-Faceted Approach 🌿
Experience a synergistic blend of psychoanalytic, somatic, client-centered, attachment-based, and humanistic methods tailored just for you.

🌿Are You Feeling Trapped?🌿
In Amitice’s sanctuary, healing is not just about mending old wounds; it’s about re-discovering your inherent wholeness, integrating fragmented aspects of self.

🌿 Ready to Start Your Journey? 🌿
Amitice welcomes you to a complimentary exploratory interview to dive deep and reconnect. Begin your journey of embracing, transcending, and truly living.