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The Trilogy of Shadow Workshop Series is a transformative voyage into the vast realms of the unconscious. Delve into uncharted facets that subtly shape our day-to-day existence. This meticulously designed Trilogy consists of 3 workshop series and extends an invitation to understand, confront, and embrace the shadow self, illuminating the mysteries that lie dormant within. While outcomes are as diverse as our participants, our prime intention is to craft a nurturing arena that champions self-discovery, profound insights, and enduring personal evolution.

Workshop 1: Unveiling the Shadow:

This first workshop is a deep dive into Jungian (Shadow) concepts to set the groundwork. Equipping participants with the foundational knowledge for subsequent sessions, by unearthing the fundamental constructs of the shadow. Dive into the origins of Jungian shadow theories, their progression over time, and their paramountcy in modern-day personal evolution.

Workshop 2: From Contouring to Embodiment:

Navigate the intricate landscapes of the shadow, deciphering its omnipresence in daily choices and interactions. Understand the difference between encountering you shadow versus embodying it. Equip yourself with techniques to identify and navigate shadow elements, bolstered by practices that bring these learnings alive in the real world. This is the next step beyond identifying the outlines of shadow, we begin to learn to embrace the shadow energies that live inside, preparing individuals for the journey of integrating into their wholeness.

Workshop 3: Shadow Integration:

Engross in methodologies that champion the melding of the shadow with one’s active consciousness, channeling its innate power for holistic growth. Time for asking questions to further integrate the previous two workshops and experience. Engage in tangible exercises, reflective meditations, and practices devised to fuse the shadow with the conscious self, culminating in a more unified state of being. Preparing individuals for the ongoing lifetime opportunity of shadow work.

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Shadow Seekers: Illuminating Inner Journeys

Workshop Tangible Takeaways:

In-depth Understanding: Acquire a robust comprehension of Shadow Work, grasping its pivotal role in fostering transformative self-awareness and personal evolution.

Equipped with Techniques: Receive a repertoire of tools and methodologies tailored to facilitate, refine, and deepen the exploration of one’s shadow dimensions.

Nurturing Community Interaction: Engage in an enriching communal platform that champions open dialogue, enabling participants to process, reflect, and share insights derived from their profound journeys within.

Workshop Benefits:

Sequential Exploration: Journey through a thoughtfully tiered exploration where each session intricately builds on its predecessor, magnifying depth and understanding and practical application.

Economical Insight: Benefit from a comprehensive series bundle that offers unparalleled value for your investment, enhancing both your financial and transformative returns.

Holistic Exploration: Embark on a systematic odyssey of your inner world, spanning from foundational concepts to intensive integration techniques.

Exclusive Access: Series’ participants are privy to exclusive content, encompassing curated resources, supplementary readings, and bonus interactive opportunities for introspection in sessions.

Community Cohesion: Cultivate lasting bonds within a likeminded community, all unified in the pursuit of enlightenment and self-transformation. A safe container where not only will individuals learn from their own insights, but experience enhancement through the shared experience.

Anticipation for what’s next:

Upon completion of the Trilogy of Shadow Workshop Series, participants are strategically positioned to be early recipients of our forthcoming sessions. These delve even deeper into the mystique of myths, fairy tales, and the captivating realm of archetypes, awaiting those hungry for more.

Choosing the Trilogy of Shadow Workshop Series is similar to securing a front-row seat to your own transformative story, one that supports rewriting your internal dialogues and illuminates the pages of your personal story.

What you can count on:

  • Continuity & Deep Dive: Each workshop acts as a chapter, seamlessly leading into the next. When experienced together, they offer a holistic approach, ensuring no piece of the puzzle is missed.
  • Committed Journey: Investing in the trilogy signifies your commitment to the full exploration of your shadow and personal unconscious, rather than a fleeting encounter.
  • Exclusive Content: Exclusive access to materials and sessions, enriching the depth of their experience.
  • Community Building: Engage with a group of individuals who, like you, are committed to understanding the entirety of their inner narratives. The bonds forged through shared vulnerability and discovery can be profound and lasting.

Embrace the journey. Enrich your narrative.
Encapsulate the entirety of what the shadow has to offer. The trilogy awaits.
Embrace the fullness of your  journey NOW!

Amitice Lisa Saremi, Founder 

MA Clinical Counseling & Depth Psychology, Yoga Therapist C-IAYT  

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