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This is a live in-person event!

The Yoga Shadow Workshop Journey is a transformative journey into the vast realms of the unconscious. In life’s dance, we stride between self-reflection and transformation, aiming to unify our inner voices and fully embrace our true selves.  To quiet the internal conflict that many times is a the root of our suffering.

This journey of enlightenment beckons us to merge the timeless wisdom of yoga with the profound realms of shadow work, guided by the archetypal energies of Shakti, the Great Mother, and Pele. 

Each archetype not only illuminates the path to self-awareness but also enriches our growth, empowering us to uncover and embrace our hidden selves. Deepen your understanding of how to tap into these powerful archetypal energies on a daily basis. If you want a deeper experience, considering joining our upcoming Yoga Shadow Work Journey we will be working with all three of these energies through out this in person 2.5 hour journey. 


Empower Yourself with Archetypal Energies:

Shakti: Brings forth divine feminine energy, in many forms, creativity, and life force, awakening our journey of self-discovery and empowerment through yoga practices, from the practical and physical to the meditative and breath-work (Pranayama) practices.

The Great Mother: Symbolizes nurturing and protection, reminding us in shadow work, of the unconditional acceptance required to integrate our shadow aspects. Her love supersedes our human capacities for love that many times come with condition.

Pele: The goddess of transformation, ignites passion and the power to embrace change, reflecting the dynamic nature of our inner world. She holds the power of destruction to creation, which is a reflection of energy we all hold deep within.


The Synergy of Yoga and Soul Exploration

Yoga, with its holistic approach to mind and body, aligns seamlessly with this journey of soul discovery. Yoga goes beyond physical postures; it’s a meditative and introspective practice that creates space for the soul to express itself:


  • Physical Asana: 

Yoga postures help release bodily tensions, creating a conduit for psychological exploration and soulful awakening.

  • Guided Shadow Meditation: 

This practice fosters a deep connection with the inner Self, allowing for introspective journeys into the soul and the shadow (realm of ego self).\

  • Mind-Body Harmony: 

Yoga promotes a balance that is essential for delving into Shadow Work, facilitating a grounded and centered approach to exploring the deeper aspects of the psyche.

  • Shadow Journaling: 

Adding journaling with shadow expanding prompts additionally support the exploration of the multidimensional self along with the shadow characters that have learned how to remain hidden in territories to protect the ego. Building energy upon energy through multifaceted practices prime us for deeper shadow work using journaling with intentional prompts to support insight and release.

  • Art Expression for Integration: 

Utilizing art mediums for expression after experiential practices empower us to capture the myriad insights we may gather in our dives into the underworld of the self.

Why Combine Yoga with Shadow Work?

Holistic Integration

Yoga supports the integration of shadow aspects by fostering a safe space for emotional and psychological exploration.


Enhanced Self-Awareness: 

Regular Yoga practice sharpens intuition and self-awareness, key components in understanding and integrating the soul and shadow.


Spiritual and Emotional Depth: 

The combination of Yoga and Shadow Work can foster increased awareness and release. Potentially leading to profound spiritual insights and a richer emotional life, illuminating the true essence of the soul.

Yoga Shadow Work Journey Tangible Takeaways:

In-depth Understanding: Acquire a robust comprehension of Shadow Work, grasping its pivotal role in fostering transformative self-awareness and personal evolution.

Equipped with Techniques: Receive a repertoire of practices and tools tailored to facilitate, refine, and deepen the exploration of one’s shadow dimensions.

Nurturing Community Interaction: Engage in an enriching communal environment that provides space for sharing enabling participants to process, reflect, and share insights derived from their profound journeys within.

Yoga Shadow Work Journey Entails:

A tapestry of information, practices, yoga, and Jungian insights through journaling and art to obtain altered states and access these hidden territories where our shadows reside. 


  • Discovering Shadow Through Gentle Yoga Postures & Practices 

  • Guided Shadow Enriched Meditation/ Shamanic Journey
  • Guided Journaling and Art Expression
Look forward to reclaiming parts of soul together! 

Workshop Benefits:

Sequential Exploration: Journey through a thoughtfully designed experience, where each layer builds on the next to open up access to that which over a lifetime gets tucked away and hidden creating layers of limitation to our fullest selves.

Holistic Exploration: Embark on a systematic odyssey of your inner world, spanning from shadow concepts and practices you can use daily in life.

Intimacy and Safety: Spots are limited to ensure there is intimacy and safety in this journey within the community that registers. Journey is led by a Licensed therapist and Yoga Therapist with an MA in Clinical Counseling and Depth Psychology.

Community Cohesion: Cultivate lasting bonds within a likeminded community, all unified in the pursuit of enlightenment and self-transformation. A safe container where not only will individuals learn from their own insights, but experience enhancement through the shared experience.

Anticipation for what’s next:

Upon completion of the Yoga Shadow Work Journey, participants are strategically positioned to be early recipients of our forthcoming sessions. These delve even deeper into the mystique of myths, fairy tales, and the captivating realm of archetypes, awaiting those hungry for more.

Choosing to participate in this journey puts you in the drivers seat of your own transformative story, one that supports healing deep wounds, resolving inner conflicts and breaking free from feeling stuck with access to rewriting your internal dialogues and illuminates the pages of your personal story.

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